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Next to power, money is the most important thing in Washington. Corporate CEO’s with deep pockets can keep congressmen on hold for 15 minutes, but it takes veterans months to get an auto generated response rubber stamped with a signature. The Society of Enlisted Veteran Affairs is not focused on monitory gain. We are a non-profit organization where membership is absolutely free. However, in order for us to remain this way, and for us to operate, we rely on your support and donations in a gofundme account that has been established to fuel the organization. With the money we raise we will firmly establish our organization in the nation’s capitol by hiring a full time staff consisting of veterans and military family members, establishing a headquarters, and purchasing materials needed to run the organization. Unlike the current establishment, those who are members of SEVA will be able to hold us accountable for every dime we spend. At the end of every workday, a spreadsheet will be posted outlining every dime we have spent that day. Our organization will show our elected representatives why enlisted personnel are successful; we lead by example.