The goal of the Society of Enlisted Veteran Affairs is to dramatically change the current climate in government as it pertains to enlisted service men and women at the federal and local level. Through direct on-the-ground engagement at Capitol Hill with elected officials, and the use of social media, the SEVA will aggressively defend and support the interests of enlisted, active duty, and separated veterans. As a secondary goal, the SEVA will raise public awareness about issues faced by enlisted veterans. In addition to public awareness, we will create a community of enlisted veterans who are up to date and well educated on the current developments of polices that impact veteran lives.

Awareness: The Society of Enlisted Veteran Affairs will advance public awareness around the unique challenges and opportunities faced by new enlisted servicemen and veterans. SEVA will make veterans a part of the national media conversation by shaping the dialogue and connecting the 99% of the population who have not served with the 1% who have.

Advocacy: Led by veterans, the Society of Enlisted Veteran Affairs’ non-profit, non-partisan work ensures that enlisted veterans and their families are supported, protected, and never forgotten by our elected officials and leaders. The SEVA will be a juggernaut, driving the national conversation on not just issues like Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), the Post 9/11 GI Bill, and female veterans’ issues, but also in government, immigration, health, education, employment, and building a better society for our country.


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