Enlisted Sailors, Soldiers, Marines and Airmen,

We have a big problem in Washington; some of our elected representatives have stopped caring about us. We have sat in Senate and Congressional Committee and Subcommittee hearings and have seen that most of our elected officials leave the hearings without hearing all the facts. A good majority of the associations and organizations that advocate on our behalf are dated and are not demanding swift attention. Don’t get us wrong, there are some in Washington who genuinely do care about veterans, and are doing an outstanding job, but for the most part, our voices are not being heard and our problems are not being solved due to corruption and politicking. The Department of Veterans Affairs has squandered billions of tax paying dollars without fixing inadequate wait times, or simplifying difficult to use programs that veterans do not understand how to use, or do not know exist. On Capitol Hill, our elected representatives do not bat an eye when a bill is proposed to take away Tricare, reduce the basic housing allowance, privatize retirement, or no longer afford us the “privilege” of using the commissary. All this goes on while people stomp and burn the flag we have fought, sweat, bled, and died for-the same flag we’ve seen draped on our brothers and sisters coffins. We’ve done so much for this country and are still being asked to do more. We are asked to pay more taxes while the wealthy continue to get rich, when we, who have fought for this country, don’t even qualify for welfare. They want to cut our retirement and the disability benefits we waited over a year just to get a percentage on. All of this occurs while we sit and watch the hard work we accomplished in Fallujah, Ramadi, Baghdad, and Mosul be dissolved by I.S.I.S. Enough is enough. That is why we have gotten together with our fellow veterans to create a non-profit organization to hold our elected officials accountable.

Our Mission is to actively engage political issues as they pertain to enlisted service men and women, and hold our elected and department officials accountable. We will eliminate their ability to run to Washington and hide until reelection. We will make them protect our interests, not the interests of the companies that fund their next campaign. Our goal is to dramatically change the current climate in government and hold our elected representatives accountable. We will make real change happen by being what we have always been, the tip of the spear!

Some may believe this sounds like a great idea, but it’s not going to work due to the political machine being too corrupt. The current political process understands two things: power and money. Since we are not going to join them that leaves us one option, to beat them.

Power: Our organization will gain power through strength in numbers, standing united, and having one strong voice, just like on the battlefield. When our country needed someone to roll up his or her sleeves and do the dirty work of fighting a two front war, we answered that call. We paid the price of freedom for this country; therefore our opinion matters deeply and our voices will be heard. We can’t do it by ourselves, but together we will capture the country’s attention and they will be forced to listen. That’s why we need you to become a member of the Society of Enlisted Veteran Affairs. Membership is free! Just go to the website, The only information we need is your name, your address (so we know who your elected officials are), and your email address so we can contact you.

Money: Next to power, money is a major compelling force in Washington. Corporate CEO’s with deep pockets can keep congressmen on hold for 15 min, but it takes veterans months to get an auto generated response rubber stamped with his signature. The Society of Enlisted Veteran affairs is not out to gain monetarily. We are a non-profit organization where membership is absolutely free. In order for SEVA to remain this way and for us to operate, we rely on your support and donations in a gofundme account that has been established to fuel the organization. With the money we raise, we will firmly establish our headquarters in the nation’s capitol and hire a staff consisting of veterans and military family members that will advocate in the capitol for our members. Unlike the current establishment, those who are SEVA members will be able to hold us accountable for every dime we spend. At the end of every workday, a spreadsheet will be posted outlining every dime we have spent that day. Our organization will show our elected representatives why enlisted personnel are successful; we lead by example.

Some may think we are setting out to do the impossible, or that our goals are far-reaching, but maybe that is exactly why we aren’t’t seeing results. While others think the impossible cannot be achieved and aren’t’t willing to reach far enough, SEVA will go the distance. Every day 22 veterans commit suicide, Iraq/Afghanistan and female veterans have the highest homeless rate in America, and the V.A continues to squander taxpayer dollars without satisfying veterans. We do not have time to sit on the sidelines and wait for another election to decide between the lesser of two evils. Please sign up, please ask your friends to sign up, and if you are able, please donate. By coming together, having one strong voice, and supporting each other like enlisted personnel do so well, we can achieve this goal. As John F. Kennedy once said, “Things do not happen, things are made to happen.” WE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN. We must make this happen! Thank you.